South Korea Benss latest WCDMA + GSM Dual Mode 3G phone function tablet PC,

Benss B11 is not only a tablet computer B11 () as an industry first A10 series high ticket phone tablet computer,

is also the first “”dual mode”” format phone tablet PC,

support WCDMA,

GSM two formats,

support GSM 2 G calling function;

Directly into phone card,

can realize the 3 G voice calls,

3 G data online,

2 G voice calls, send and receive messages, call forwarding and practical function.

Benss B11 7 Inch Capacitive Screen Android 4.0The built-in 3 G module,

in addition to the 3G phone,

the same 3G wireless network realization function;

Benss B11 support WIFI,

3 G and so on many kinds of network format,

than the average flat many GPRS wireless network function,

even if you don’t have WIFI,

even if only GSM phone card,

you can achieve with GPRS wireless Internet,

can also support Ethernet realize cable broadband Internet access,

and achieved the mobile terminal multi-channel function on the Internet.

Benss B11 is not only a tablet computer.

Benss B11 use 7.0 Inch Multi-Touch 5 points Touch Capacitive Screen, Touch very sensitive, in android 4.0 () operating system, each function with a smooth to realize.

In android4.0 operating system,

and iOS, Windows similar,

but will drag icon,

set the folder,

rename file folders and other quick sorting function;

Can be customized to the desktop function,

the user can in the interface at the bottom of the shortcuts add function option; Support operation,

key combination calendar zoom lock screen screenshots,

from direct access application program interface.

Science and technology are dynamic interface,

experience the feeling was very strong.

In addition the touch-key equipped with,

in many cases more some move feeling,

the built-in vibration sensor,

touch time still packing touch vibration effect,

so in android 4.0 system is having a unique style. Telephone tablet PC Benss B11 use All Winner A10 more nuclear chip architecture, in hd video and 3 D broadcast very advantage, 2160 P hd decoding support is the most excellent hd decoding ability, B11 in support of the 2160 P decoding the highest clear outside, support 1080 P and 720 P high clear All the format sources, although 2160 P actual sources is not much, but in 1080 P decode than any other normal apparently on tablet PC to more superior.

At the same time based on MVC-3 D video support, realize the 3 D movie sources of support, is not only a single realize 3 D broadcast palm, and at the same time support 3 D TV video output, image more shocked.