Basically a tablet PC is popular due to its functions.

It can be used like a laptop without a mouse or a keyboard.

Moreover it has a touch screen and a user can write on it with a specially designed pen called as a stylus.

The pen is like a mouse; it is used to select a file, open it and can drag it from one folder to the next one. The stylus can be used to write anything instead of keyboard in any file.

It requires a stylus to take any information, your fingers will not work on it.

You can even attach a keyboard to it.

Unlike computers you can make the tablets stand anywhere and can use it.

Many professionals like doctors, engineers, salespersons and police officers can make the best use of them.

Those who have to do standing and field work, tablet pc’s work best for them instead of PC or laptop.

There are number of companies that offer tablet pc with extra added features.

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The most leading brands which offers tablet are LG, Sony, Micromax tablet and much more.

Every brand features different speed, look, design and unique features too.

You will find several types of these tablets available in the markets which includes slate model, rugged model, convertible, and hybrid and booklet table pc.

The market has competitive models and many companies are disclosing their tablets in the market expanding the race.

This trend is increasing day by day and it is predicted that most reputed players can jump in the race on this bandwagon.

The tablets pc’s has no shortage of software and hardware.

It is very easy and convenient to use and has high memory so that storage is not a problem.

Its high speed makes work easy for the users without taking much space and can be used almost anywhere.

If you are planning to buy a tablet PC then there are certain things which can be taken into consideration. Make sure the one you are buying has the basic functions.

LG is the third biggest manufacturer of phones in the world and is known for introducing latest technologies in the market.

LG tablet is one of the best technologies offered by the company to provide best services to the customers.

Sony is also a reputed brand of the phones and tablets.

A basic Sony tablet has got it all.

This tablet gives convenience with all the amazing features that too in affordable prices.

Micromax is a fairly new company in making tablets.

However a micromax tablet has made a remarkable place in the market and stand in a list of most demanded tablets.

Micromax has come up from dead and the devices of this company are used by considerable amount of crowd.