There is very crucial NO-NO’s regarding landing pages and you are required to avoid them if you want to build an effective landing page that really attracts lots of online traffic,

enhances conversion rate and increases the sales of your products and services.

Below are briefly described three NO-NO’s keep in mind and avoiding which many people have gained satisfactory conversion rate.

These can have a huge negative impact on your page; therefore, must avoid them.

landing page

Poor headlines I think you already have a pretty much idea that how bad influence a bad heading can put on your landing page and

how it can prove to be a failure of your landing page as well as your online marketing.

You need to keep in mind this fact while making a headline for your page.

Collect as many ideas for a perfect, convincing, and eye-catching headings as you can and choose the best one that quickly grabs the attention of your online visitors when they land on your page and enhances their interest in your page.

If you have the quality products and services,

but your headings are non-professional and poor, the visitors will assume that you don’t have enough quality products or the info he is looking for. So, a heading really matters.

Capitalize on it as much as you can.

One shot, many kills When you decide to come to an effective landing page,

you should ensure that the content is of premium quality and is non-plagiarized,

extremely relevant and mainly concentrates on just one goal.

If want to appeal your online targeted audience to subscribe to your page, then forget all other things and just focus on that one thing and your content must be relevant to it.

When you set a number of objectives for just one landing page,

you may get confused or your page may become complex and those entire objectives can respectively reduce or eliminate.

For instance, it is not a good idea to make use of same landing page for lead gen, email list improvement and product info simultaneously – you’ll just get perplexed as well as your online targeted visitors.

Overlooking the significance of images, videos As you know that these days visitors are not very much interested in just reading the content.

They like to see images and videos so that they may not have to do daunting task of reading something.

So, it is better to include some attractive images or videos to keep up their interest in your page.