“Android 4.0 Tabletpurchasing can be quite confusing and frustrating, here are several essential things to consider.

Probably the most important features when choosing a tablet may be the life of the battery.

The aim is to buy battery power which will last near to 10 hours if you watch videos.

Always consider the advertised life of the battery through the manufacturer is a little more than you’re going to get in actual personal use,

much like mpg whenever you purchase a vehicle,

the circumstances for testing are great as well as in a controlled environment,

nothing like at your house .

or office. You’ll need 10 to 15% under advertised.

The load from the tablet plays a significant part of the decision, due to portability,

you don’t want a tablet that’s to heavy to hold around, fortunately the load on most 10.1″” inch screen models are around one pound .

5, 7″” inch screens are right at about 50 % one pound.

The majority of the Tablets apart from Apple make use of the Android operating-system version 3.1,

soon they’ll be while using Honeycomb 4.0.

The Android operating-system continues to be very reliable to date and incredibly popular.

Windows can be obtained however they will unveil their new Windows 8 operating-system on the few tablets in 2012,

which is designed to be excellent from early reports.

Tips You Need to Know While Purchasing an Android 4.0 Tablet

Then the processing speed or CPU,

I would suggest a dual core or faster processing system, by doing this you are able to make the most of true multitasking or gaming.

When you stream or download a film you may also answer email, focus on a spreadsheet,

read an e-book or anything you like without your tablet lagging or slowing to some crawl,

that may be probably the most frustrating a part of computing, when you are attempting to finish something which little icon is simply spinning and spinning and you are going nowhere.

Performing the complex and advanced games that are offered today on the normal CPU is fruitless and won’t be enjoyable.

Video resolution is next, you’ll need a 1080p type resolution that is a minimum of 1024×760,

this can provide you with HD viewing and ideal clarity.

Some Android Tablet Case allow viewing from extreme angles like a few of the top hi-def televisions.

This is important if you’re into gaming.

Display size inside a tablet ought to be a minimum of 10.1″” if you don’t require a small size for whatever reason.

Most tablets have Wi-Fi, which permit you internet access so long as there’s a Wi-Fi signal available, like at your house .

or office, some tablets through various provides provide a wireless high-speed internet service subscription through the month like 3G or 4G,

which allows you to have the internet wherever you’re. So long as it’s built Wi-Fi that’s the most significant.

If you are into taking photos make certain your tablet has a minimum of 3 mega-pixels to take pictures, which it may record videos in HD.

Some tablets have 5 mega-pixels but take low quality pictures because of cheap technology within the camera, so your research if photography is essential.

Data storage is very important and also the capability to use micro storage cards is essential to load photos or videos easily.

Aboard storage of 16 to 32GB is nice and really should become your target.

Tips You Need to Know While Purchasing an Android 4.0 Tablet

When the cost of upgrading from the 16GB to some 32GB is minimal always choose the 32GB or more, you will not be sorry.

Ports and connections will also be important, using a USB connection is essential and achieving a HDMI connector or perhaps a method to turn it on for your television could be nice.

Some units have full-sized USB and HDMI ports plus some have the things they call mini ports. Obviously audio out and in connections really are a must.

Some tablets have killer audio systems, if that’s vital that you you have to pay close focus on this.

Using the right headphones it may sound as though your in a cinema or perhaps a concert.

If you will find small group of Apps available, your tablet will you need to be another doorstop,

make certain there are many apps to select from which will use your tablet,

obviously Apple includes a great selection,

Android Apps are growing daily but because of licensing issues, is probably not readily available for all tablets check the choice for the brand name tablet before buying.

Warranty of 1 year ought to be your minimum, if the extra couple of years can be obtained for any a bit more money,

buy the added protection.

These are the most significant factors to consider when purchasing a Cheap Tablet PC,

obviously price is a determining element in you buy the car,

in order they are saying look around.”